As I was rushing out the door to meet Marc, I couldn’t resist grabbing a hunk of bread and then another… the flavor was great, especially right out of the oven. I felt victorious, but I also realized that a more relaxed tasting was in order. After lunch, we both stopped by my place and tasted (the now slightly deflated) Ciabatta. The bread is yeasty and has a lot of good flavor. The absence of eggs (a mainstay of so many gluten-free recipe) also removed the odious egg-y flavor that has dominated past attempts. However, the texture left a little to be desired… it was too doughy, and too moist, but a little more time might have helped that, as the middle was doughier than the outside. Still, it was great warm, perfectly edible once cooled, and great again when I toasted it and sliced it down the middle to make a sandwich. This is definitely a recipe I will continue to play with. First, I’ll try cooking it past the point of just barely golden and go for a more solid brown color (and I might turn up the oven), next I might replace all or part of the white rice flour with sorghum or teff, and finally, I might reduce the liquid just a little (a constant temptation for me in gluten-free bread recipes, and an impulse that rarely pays off.)