potato salad

This month I am participating for the first time, in the Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger blogging event. For this challenge, I adopted La Tartine Gourmande. I have drooled over Bea’s site for months. Her photographs are always lovely, and her food is creative. Better still, she is always using flavor combinations that I find surprising. So I was excited about the excuse to try out some of her recipes. Unfortunately, things got busy and I only got to try one. But I predict her Dark Chocolate Tartlets and her Amaranth Quinoa and Dark Chocolate Cake are in my near future. Yesterday, in the spirit of not always giving in to my sweet tooth, with my back firmly pressed against the deadline, I chose to make Bea’s “potato salad to love” also known as her Potato Pea and Mint Salad. I tried my best to follow the directions, but my budget demanded substitutions for the Bresaola and the quail eggs (I used Capicola and 4 hens eggs instead). Still this was indeed, a potato salad to love. I’m not really the biggest fan of the classic potato salad, so it was nice to try one with some more unusual flavors. The dressing uses tahini & mustard, which works wonderfully with the mint and the Capicola. I would definitely make this again, and it would make fabulous picnic fare.

Bea has not always been a gluten-free blogger, though starting around November, she transitioned over to using almost exclusively gluten-free flours. She has a “gluten free” category on her sidebar, which makes it easy to find safe recipes. If you haven’t been reading her site, you are really missing out, so check it out today.