I know I haven’t been around much lately. In just over a month, my life will start to shift back to normal. Until then, I don’t know how many posts I’ll manage to get up. But, I couldn’t let another month go by without a Daring Bakers’ post. This month the Daring Bakers made eclairs, and my gluten-free version turned out fabulous. The day that I made them, I had no sweet tooth, and no desire to bake. I also, wasn’t really craving chocolate, so I decided to go with a more classic cream filling. Luckily the next day, my sweet tooth came back, and within a few days all the eclairs had vanished from my freezer. I’m almost tempted to make more.

To make the dough gluten-free, I used a combination of gluten-free flours, added xanthan gum, and just a touch of baking powder. I’m not sure the baking powder was entirely necessary, but I did get a nice rise. I also decided not to prop open my oven door while baking.

Oh, and this month’s challenge was hosted by Tony Tahhan and Meetak.
Without further ado, here is the recipe:

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These brownies turned out too beautifully not to deserve their own write-up. They rose gloriously, their texture was light and airy, they just were not and never could be fudge-y brownies, and side by side against those decadent morsels they didn’t stand a chance, at least not for this chocoholic. However, as time went on and I found myself creeping into the kitchen to take “just a taste” of a brownie before breakfast, in the middle of the afternoon, or as a pre-bed snack, these increasingly became the brownies that I reached for. Maybe because they were a little less decadent and I felt a little less guilty about eating them, or maybe just because I swear every day these get a little bit better.

Using my earlier criteria for brownie judging, in my book these brownies would score a 7 on taste (they weren’t rich enough), an 8 on texture (I think I slighly overbaked them, making them a little dry), a 9 on appearance and a 9 on cut-ability. They were also definitely better on the second day. But, really, the most important thing to mention here is that you would never guess these were gluten-free, which is more of an accomplishment when you are going for cake-like brownies than when you are striving for fudge-y ones.

Also, if you are a cake-like brownie lover, I would love to hear about your favorite recipes, or even just what makes a perfect cake-like brownie – is it the airiness? Or the subtler chocolate flavors? Is it the texture? Or the fact that you don’t feel sick afterwards from the extreme richness of the fudge variety?
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The day I got Maureen to commit to having a birthday party, I immediately asked, “What kind of cake do you want.” She paused, thought a second, and replied, “I’m not sure I want a cake.” I took a quick inhalation and then quickly asked, “Well, what do you want?” Her reply: “I don’t know, maybe just ice cream.” Now, I’m a girl who doesn’t believe that birthday dessert should be “just” anything. I also have an ice cream maker and can churn out ice cream with the best of them. But further exploration revealed, that what Maureen really wanted something simple, and homemade ice cream made for an unknown quantity of guests didn’t exactly qualify.

The problem is, I don’t know how to do simple. Especially not when only one course is my responsibility. We were grilling and Maureen had the burgers and brats covered. So, I got her to agree to brownie sundaes, and then while she was at work, secretly made my own hot fudge sauce, salted butter caramel sauce, and bought all sorts of other sundae fixings, figuring that when she said “simple” she meant “stress-free,” which meant if she didn’t see the preparation (or the stress) all was good. Prepping ahead of time left me with only the brownies to make the day of the party.

I had already picked out a recipe, when I wandered into her room, the night before, and casually asked her “do you like cake-y brownies or fudge-y brownies?” Now this is an important question, but I was sure I knew the answer. After all, she didn’t want cake for her birthday, so I assumed that, of course, she wanted fudge-y brownies. You can imagine my surprise and chagrin when she declared her preference for cake-y brownies. I was floored. Stupefied. Then, I decided simple be damned, if she preferred cake-y brownies I would just have to make two kinds. I held my very own brownie bake-off, completely unwilling to only have cake-y brownies to offer, but open to the possibility that I might be pleasantly surprised by the cake-y variety, after all I wasn’t sure I had ever made a cake-y brownie. I returned to my own room to “research” the problem and settled on two different recipes: Alice Medrich’s “Unsweetened-Chocolate Brownies” and David Lebovitz’s “Cakelike Brownies.” Then, I discovered that David Lebovitz’s “Chewy-Dense Brownies” recipe was practically identical to Alice Medrich’s, except it had chocolate chips, and I had a bag of chocolate chips, so I threw those in for good measure.

Of course, I had to transform both recipes in order to make them gluten-free, so my results really don’t reflect on the recipes themselves, but my guests strongly preferred the fudge-y brownies (although they were more than happy to take both as leftovers). Even the birthday girl was converted. Although, David does claim that the cake-like brownies are better the second day, so perhaps the final battle has not been waged.

Today I will just give you the fudge-y brownie recipe, but if the cake-like brownies grow on me, that one might be following soon.

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