Nothing gets this girl as excited as the words “pig roast” or “pulled pork.” I think I could live without chicken, and maybe even beef, but not pig. I love me my pig. So last weekend, I went with a friend to a pig roast. I imagined heaping platters of all you could eat pork, unfortunately, there was nothing “all you can eat” about this roast. Still, we happily licked our platters clean and moved on to the drinking portion of the evening. Until midnight rolled around and I exclaimed, “I want more pig.” We didn’t actually satisfy that craving on the spot, but the next day, still craving some good southern comfort food, I proceeded to make pulled pork. I don’t have a smoker, so I made my pork in the slow cooker. It still tasted great, and while it lacked a little smoky flavor, I will definitely make this again (though I’m curious what the effect of some liquid smoke might be). I also made the Gluten-Free girl’s arepas, and the combination was spectacular. So if you are craving some pork-y goodness, give this recipe a try.

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Today I was trying to have a perfect day. I slept in, I spent a little time this morning relaxing on my deck and watching my garden grow. Then I read for a couple of hours, biked to the coffee shop, and read for a couple more hours, before allowing myself to venture out on a shopping mission. I explored a new (to me) bike route from Decatur to Little Five Points, bought my baby sister a birthday present, and biked home. Soaring along alone on my bike, I felt perfectly happy, and I was convinced the day was only going to get better.

After all, I was planning on seeing Casablanca at the Fox theater tonight. I’ve never been to the Fox, and Casablanca on the big screen in an old school theater sounded amazing. Unfortunately, life intervened in the form of unexpected and unwarranted ugliness, and before I knew it I was canceling on the movie and wallowing on my couch. But that isn’t really where I want to be, or how I want to feel. So I’m choosing to let go and move on. While it is too late to catch the movie, it isn’t too late to stop wallowing.

But before I get off my couch, I’m going to leave you with a recipe, or two. I made this dinner last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. The margarita shrimp taste perfectly summery and pair beautifully with the coconut rice. I found that I liked the rice best with both raw coconut and toasted coconut mixed in and spring onions sprinkled on top, but it is also good plain.

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chicken curry

Today I just couldn’t seem to get moving. My allergies were killing me, even though the pollen count was its lowest in days. I think at this point the problem is the accumulated effect of two weeks of staggering amounts of pollen, two weeks might I add, in which I decided it would be a good idea to start running again. Well, my sinuses are paying me back for my foolishness. But, as I was lying on my couch watching a movie after a long day on campus, and daydreaming about dinner, this curry came to mind. It is one of the few dishes that I repeat on a fairly regular basis (you know, every couple of months or so), so that pretty much guarantees that it will be good. Some day I will have to play around with simplifying the steps, I’m sure more things could be added to the pot all at once, I’m just not sure how that would go… Oh, and if you are nervous about being able to tell when the chicken is done, just leave it simmer a little longer or cook it separately.

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My friend Marc and I never make plans. I think it is my fault as I’m stubbornly non-committal when it comes to those types of things. However, last weekend he went out of town, and this week we never actually both made it to the coffee shop at the same time (correction: I never made it to the coffee shop, I think that Marc made it more often than usual). So, Thursday afternoon we made plans. We were going to hang out on Saturday night, not only that, but we were going to do something. A flurry of emails transpired, yet somehow that something never quite crystallized. Bowling? Picnicking? Traipsing through the Botanical Gardens? Hitting up a bar? When Marc arrived at my door around 5 this evening we were no closer to a plan than we had been Thursday afternoon. So we cooked.

Marc took charge of dessert, throwing together an “easy” flan that from a distance looked anything but easy. Maureen, my roomate, whipped together some Guacamole, that was both tasty and healthy (only one avocado and no mayonnaise), while I pulled together some fish tacos and tried to make frozen margaritas, which Marc rescued. In less than half an hour we were all happily eating our Mexican inspired meal
while the flan baked in the oven. Everything was delicious and my desire to escape my apartment dissipated with the second margarita. After dinner, Marc and I pulled out some cards and I taught him my version of gin rummy. It was a fabulously relaxed and enjoyable evening, and it ended with both of us glad that we hadn’t been more ambitious with our plans.

Or at least, that is how we thought the evening had ended. Unfortunately, Marc and I did end up with a little adventure in our lives tonight. After I took him home, he managed to slice open his hand while cutting an apple, so we spent a lovely two hours in the ER.

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