Today I was trying to have a perfect day. I slept in, I spent a little time this morning relaxing on my deck and watching my garden grow. Then I read for a couple of hours, biked to the coffee shop, and read for a couple more hours, before allowing myself to venture out on a shopping mission. I explored a new (to me) bike route from Decatur to Little Five Points, bought my baby sister a birthday present, and biked home. Soaring along alone on my bike, I felt perfectly happy, and I was convinced the day was only going to get better.

After all, I was planning on seeing Casablanca at the Fox theater tonight. I’ve never been to the Fox, and Casablanca on the big screen in an old school theater sounded amazing. Unfortunately, life intervened in the form of unexpected and unwarranted ugliness, and before I knew it I was canceling on the movie and wallowing on my couch. But that isn’t really where I want to be, or how I want to feel. So I’m choosing to let go and move on. While it is too late to catch the movie, it isn’t too late to stop wallowing.

But before I get off my couch, I’m going to leave you with a recipe, or two. I made this dinner last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. The margarita shrimp taste perfectly summery and pair beautifully with the coconut rice. I found that I liked the rice best with both raw coconut and toasted coconut mixed in and spring onions sprinkled on top, but it is also good plain.

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lime cupcakes

Lately I have had a touch of the blues… nothing too severe, I’ve just been waking up sad, and wallowing though my days. Oh, and eating lots and lots of sugar. Last night I decided it had to end, Today is officially not allowed to be a bad day. And so far my resolution is working. I woke up and did yoga right away. I spent the morning cooking, and I got out of my apartment and went to a delightful baby shower. I’m trying my hardest to be excited about spring, and babies, and life… and to cut back on the sugar.

But first, I bring you cupcakes. Don’t worry these sweets are not hanging around my kitchen. They went to a party, and were demolished before the gluten-full cake was even cut (I actually had to hide a cupcake in the kitchen to make sure I got to eat it). There is, however, a bit of icing still hanging out in my kitchen aid, but I have high hopes my icing loving roomie will do a good job on that.

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meyer lemon bars

We are blessed in Atlanta to have the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. It isn’t a farmers market in the usual sense of the word, as it is year round, has an international flavor, and is lodged in a giant warehouse. Think: Sam’s Club meets farmer’s market, but in an good way. Anyway, the market has good prices on a wide variety of fruits and vegetables (both conventional and organic), so it wasn’t too surprising that I managed to stumble across Meyer lemons last week, even though I thought the time for that had long since passed. So, although I had no reason to buy said lemons, and am trying to keep the dessert baking within reasonable limits, I just couldn’t pass them by. I blame Deb of Smitten Kitchen who waxed poetic about Meyer lemons and their scarcity on the East Coast just a couple of weeks ago. Sadly, I had lemon on the brain.

Or maybe not that sadly, as I have lemon bars in the oven, and seriously, who can be sad about lemon bars?

This recipe is a gluten-free version of Alice Medrich’s “very tangy lime or lemon bars” from her amazing cookbook Pure Dessert. I actually didn’t have quite enough juice in my Meyer lemons to yield 1/2 cup, so I did add a little regular lemon juice and up the sugar by 1 tablespoon. If you don’t have Meyer lemons or are using limes, add a 1/2 cup of sugar to the topping (bringing the sugar up to 1 up plus 2 tablespoons). Also, if you aren’t gluten-free and don’t have these flours, just substitute all-purpose flour.

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